Most SuperEnduro events are one-day long, riders are divided into three different categories, battling through short, some-minute long heats. It is a mixture of enduro, motocross and trial, during practice, competitors race against the clock, during competitions fighting body-to-body is also common. There are different kinds of obstacles: hard rock sections and wooden parts as in enduro, technical parts as in trial and also some motocross features.

Riders compete in three different categories: in Prestige you can see the shining stars of the category like Cody Webb, Colton Haaker, Jonny Walker or the defending World Champion Billy Bolt and six-time World Champion Taddy Bazusiak, alongside with the Hungarian rising rider, Norbert Zsigovits. There is always a great fight in the Junior category, as well, along with some special heats, also for children.